In the first Corona year, many NAUkLuFT fans took part in the “My Quiver Tree” initiative, virtually explored the Quiver Tree Gorge and selected “their” tree. Two years later, there was now a touching encounter. Speaking of which: BüllsPort is continuing the initiative, as an option for CO2-compensation, on-site…

The idea of offering quiver trees for sponsorship was born in the first months of travel restrictions due to the Corona pandemic (see the report at the time “Quiver tree looking for adoptive parents”). It had two aims: To get donations to be able to finance the very basics for nature conservation in the NAUkLuFT. And to offer disappointed guests who sadly had to stay at home the opportunity to explore the realm of the mountain zebras and quiver trees on BüllsPort, at least virtually.

In August 2020, the first quiver trees were photographed and their coordinates recorded. A few weeks later, the page “My quiver tree” appeared on the BüllsPort website. It included a photo gallery and a satellite map showing the trees. This meant that Namibia fans could now walk through the Quiver Tree Gorge online and choose their sponsor tree.

Photo gallery My Quiver Tree Initiative sponsorship adoption Quiver Tree Gorge BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

The photo gallery gives an impression of the quiver trees and their locations on the slopes of Quiver Tree Gorge. Photo: Screenshot

As a thank you for their donation, “adoptive parents” received a certificate with a photo of their “adoptive child”. And a 25 percent discount on future bookings. With the promise to show their tree to them during a stay.

Quiver tree sponsor meets his “adopted” tree

BüllsPort was able to keep this promise for the first time last September. When it was finally possible to travel to Namibia (almost) normally again, a quiver tree sponsor came to visit for the first time: Peter Gottke.

Of course he went on a (self) hike through the Quiver Tree Gorge. With Scenic Drive to the plateau of the Naukluft massif to that point where the descent into the gorge begins.

When Peter Gottke arrived at the lower end of the gorge, the end of the unguided part of the hike, the driver and guide was already waiting for him with the car to take him back to the lodge. He had a printed out section of the satellite map with him and a photo of the “adoptive” tree. “It’s up there,” he said, pointing to a mighty quiver tree about 60 m above them on the steep slope. “Shall we climb up?”

Satellite map My Quiver Tree Initiative sponsorship adoption Quiver Tree Gorge BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

On the satellite map you can virtually explore the Quiver Tree Gorge and choose your sponsor tree. Photo: Screenshot

Peter Gottke hesitated. After all, he had just hiked three hours through rocky terrain. But since “his” tree was within reach, he wanted to seize the opportunity. On mountain zebra paths, he followed the guide zigzagging up the steep slope.

After 16 minutes, the time had come: Peter Gottke put his hand on the hard, jagged bark of “his” quiver tree. In November 2020, he had chosen the tree as his “adoptive” tree on the BüllsPort website via satellite map and photo gallery. An almost touching moment…

Compensate for a flight – with a quiver tree sponsorship

Travelling to Namibia is possible again as it was before the Corona crisis. And yet something has changed: More guests than ever before want to travel as sustainably as possible. Sustainable in terms of nature and the people whose country they are visiting.

That is why BüllsPort is continuing its “My Quiver Tree” initiative. As an option for those who want to compensate their share of the CO2 emissions during the flight to Namibia – on site. Whereby they already contribute to the protection of nature in the Naukluft with their stay at BüllsPort. The environmentally conscious guest business finances the nature conservation measures.

Those who want to compensate “socially” can go on a “Give & Take” excursion to the nearby ǂNabasib primary school. Or donate to larger projects at the school via the Naukluft Foundation.

BüllsPort has changed the conditions for quiver tree sponsorships. As of now, there are only two categories:
– The green adoption, with the ambassador tree “MISS NAUkLuFT” as the sponsored child, at a donation of N$ 590. As a thank you, they receive a personal “adoption” certificate with a photo of the tree and an entry as a sponsor on the website. By the way, this also makes an original gift…
– The golden adoption, where “adoptive parents” can choose their own quiver tree and give it a name. The donation amount: N$ 5,000. The thank you: a personal certificate, 25 percent discount on a future booking and much more…

Existing sponsorships have been upgraded, agreed terms and conditions remain unchanged. Detailed information and the application form can be found on the page “My Quiver Tree”.

My Quiver Tree Initiative sponsorship adoption Quiver Tree Gorge BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

Quiver tree “adoptive father” Peter Gottke with his “adoptee”, quiver tree “Peter”, high on the steep slope of the Quiver Tree Gorge. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

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