Sustainable for nature and people: BüllsPort Lodge & Farm in the Naukluft Mountains in the southern centre of Namibia

Welcome to BüllsPort Lodge & Farm! Whether you enjoy hiking or horse riding, are interested in everyday life on a Namibian farm with sheep and horses or just want to enjoy the personal atmosphere of a small guesthouse – BüllsPort is the right place for you.

Here you can find out more about your hosts, about BüllsPort’s nature conservation concept, about the ‘My Quiver Tree’ initiative as an additional contribution by guests to nature conservation, and about the Naukluft Foundation, through which BüllsPort supports the nearby primary school ǂNabasib.

BüllsPort Guestfarm 1994 Host Family Sauber Naukluft Namibia

Your hosts on BüllsPort in the NAUkLuFT

Ernst Sauber is a passionate farmer, his wife Johanna a passionate horse breeder. He was born in Namibia, she comes from Germany. They met in 1989, married in 1990 and in 1993 they founded their guest business on their farm BüllsPort…

Quiver Tree Gorge Hiking Trail BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia

Private nature conservation in the NAUkLuFT

What has been on everyone’s lips for a few years now has been part of daily life (or even survival) at BüllsPort for decades: Sustainability. A farm with sheep and horses that follows nature. A hospitality business with a limited number of lodge and camping guests that respects the environment. And a private nature reserve with trails for hikers and horse riders, financed by the farm and guest operations.

Quiver tree sponsorship blossom Naukluft BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Namibia

“‘My quiver tree’ – your contribution to the protection of the NAUkLuFT

Every guest of BüllsPort Lodge & Farm contributes to protecting the nature of the Naukluft Mountains – just by staying here. Many guests are touched by their NAUkLuFT experience and want to support the private nature reserve even more. They can do this: By becoming a sponsor of a quiver tree. Or by giving a sponsorship as a gift to relatives or friends.

Borehole dowsing rod Rotarians Rotary Club Büdingen Naukluft Foundation ǂNabasib BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Namibia

Naukluft Foundation: Helping primary school ǂNabasib to help itself

Sustainability is not only about nature, but also about people. BüllsPort Lodge & Farm supports the state primary school ǂNabasib, 15 kilometres away, through the Naukluft Foundation, which was established specifically for this purpose.

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