“My Quiver Tree” protecting nature of the Naukluft Mountains

Green adoption:
“Adoptive parents” share our Ambassador Quiver Tree No. 001,
Their name will be mentioned in the list of sponsors at the bottom of this page (if desired).

Logo "My Quiver Tree" initiative

“My Quiver Tree” initiative

Golden adoption:
“Adoptive parents” pick their own quiver tree and give it a name. They will be mentioned (if desired) on the label of the tree on the map, in the photo caption in the image gallery and in the list of sponsors at the bottom of this page, if applicable also a link to their website or Facebook page.
During the time of their sponsorship they are entitled to a 25% discount for stays at BüllsPort and to a Quiver Tree Gorge Hike (tour and self-hiking) including a free scenic drive onto the Naukluft Plateau and pick-up at the bottom end of the gorge.

Why you want to adopt a quiver tree:
  • To help personally and directly to protect around 43 km² of nature in the Naukluft Mountains…
  • … which is the home of mountain zebra, klipspringer, kudu, oryx, springbok, warthog, rock dassie, baboon, jackal and leopard as well as over 200 species of birds…
  • … and the homeland for survival artists of the rain-poor Nama Karoo biome such as the Bushman candle, resurrection bush, moringa tree or quiver tree.
Why BüllsPort needs your support for its nature conservation:
  • Because the protection of 43 km² of almost untouched nature cannot be fully financed by our farm and our small lodge. More about our nature conservation work you can find here.
  • So that BüllsPort does not have to limit its nature conservation measures to the bare minimum in times of drought.
How to adopt a quiver tree? - That's easy...
  • Decide which adoption suits you best: the green or the golden category? The different benefits are listed in the next paragraph (“what to look forward to…”).
    Green (like the quiver tree’s crown): N$ 590 – You will join the circle of adoptive parents for our Ambassador Tree 001 (“MISS NAUkLuFT”).
    Golden (like the quiver tree’s umbel): N$ 5,000 – Pick your quiver tree on the map or in the photo gallery, write down its number, and give it a name. Only trees that have not yet been adopted are available.
    Current rate of exchange (1 N$ = 1 South African Rand).
  • Please download and fill in the adoption form with credit or debit card authorisation.
  • Kindly scan and send it to us via email (info@buellsport.com).
  • As soon as we have received the amount, we will send you a confirmation. You have then officially adopted your quiver tree – and a lot to look forward to!
  • Each adoption is valid for two years. This applies to all adoption categories. The start date is the receipt of the donation.
What to look forward to once you have adopted your quiver tree...

… regardless of which category of adoption you decided for:

  • Feeling great about your good deed for the nature and the people of the Naukluft Mountains.
  • A personal certificate of adoption, which we will send you as a PDF document.
  • Regular news from the world of the Naukluft Mountains, concerning nature conservation and other developments on BüllsPort (Facebook, website, a quarterly newsletter).
  • Should you visit BüllsPort Lodge & Farm during the term of your sponsorship: A possible personal “meeting” and a selfie with “your” tree! On a hike to the Quiver Tree Gorge.

… and depending on the category of adoption:

  • Green adoptions (N$ 590) – Your name will appear (if desired) on the list of sponsors at the bottom of this page.
  • Golden adoptions (N$ 5,000) – You have your own tree which will be indicated on the map with the name of your choice. The name of your person or company will be stated (if desired) in the label of the tree on the map, in the caption of the picture in the image gallery and in the list of sponsors. In addition you can get a link to your website or Facebook page in the label and in the list of sponsors.
    You will receive a discount of 25% on the rate for bed, dinner and breakfast at BüllsPort Lodge & Farm during the time of your sponsorship (does not apply to specials). You can also pass this discount on to someone planning a tour through southern Namibia (does not apply to tour operators, but only to private individuals who book directly with Büllsport).
    In the event of a visit during the term of your sponsorship (two years), you will enjoy a Quiver Tree Gorge Hike (tour and self hike), including a free scenic drive onto the Naukluft Plateau and a pick-up at the bottom end of the gorge.
And why the quiver tree, of all plants?
  • The quiver tree represents like no other plant the pristine nature of the Naukluft mountains, which BüllsPort Lodge & Farm has protected for decades.
  • With its economical water consumption and precautionary measures by storing water in the stem, branches and leaves, the quiver tree (like BüllsPort) can survive longer periods of drought.
  • With its blossom in the middle of the dry season, the quiver tree (like BüllsPort) proves an unswerving trust in better times to come.
  • The quiver tree is one of Namibia’s national symbols, the heraldic plant of Namibia’s South and one of the symbols of Namibian tourism.
  • The quiver tree also stands for nature as the basis of human existence. Original inhabitants made quivers from it.
  • The quiver tree is the most distinctive tree in the Naukluft Mountains.
  • And who do you think gave the famous Quiver Tree Gorge Trail at BüllsPort its name? 😉

A BIG Thank-You…

QT 001 - "MISS NAUkLuFT" - Anonymous/Anonym: 5Anonymous/Anonym: 2
Thilo S.QT 002 - Anke G.
Gesine S.QT 004 - Benedikt Bitter-Schwalenstöcker
Benjamin AffolterQT 005 - Meike Klepper
Petra & FrankQT 006 - Inge Plass
Marie DariesQT 007 - Anonymous
Chloé DariesQT 008 - Ellen Carbo
QT 022 - Georg E.
QT 024 - Jana & Niel Swanepoel
QT 027 - Peter Gottke
QT 028 - Doris Fredrich
QT 029 - Eifelfreunde
QT 031 - Bush Telegraph Namibia
QT 053 - Christian Schlaga
QT 057 - Proud Grandma & Grandpa
QT 060 - Beate & Fred Schambil
QT 061 - Gabi Haupt
QT 063 - Jutta E.
QT 064 - Peter Esser
QT 900 - Helmut Gargitter

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