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Information, news and interesting stories about the guest business and farm operations of BüllsPort, as well as the mountainous world of the Naukluft.

Namibia’s main Attraction at a special Rate

Five days (four nights) at the same place, on a round trip through Namibia? But that would mean there is not enough time left for all the other must-see attractions?! – In the contrary: Finally you do have the time without which you will not experience the main...

Experiencing the Bogenfels like a Bird

Adventurous guests always are thrilled about the Rock Arch ("Bogenfels") Trail at BüllsPort in the Naukluft mountains in the southern centre of Namibia, returning with countless photos. In September, a guest even made the tour twice. He got shots that – like the trail...

Mountains full of Oases

Namibia is the land of the dry riverbeds. These "riviere" only carry water for a short time, after sufficient rain has fallen in their catchment areas. By contrast, in the Naukluft, on the edge of the Namib Desert (!), small streams flow throughout the year. Why? The...

Hooves instead of Wheels

The springbok are looking around curiously. They seem as astounded as the baboons were earlier. No wonder: The vehicle wheeling at a slow pace along the two-lane path through the bush and across the plains is not buzzing as usual, but snorting every now and then......

New Site on the Web

What makes the Naukluft a must for every tour through Namibia's south? Why is BüllsPort a paradise for hikers and riders? Is there a room or campsite available on your preferred days? Answers to these and other questions can be found on the new BüllsPort website....

Better than a TV Dating Show

Exactly 30 years have passed since their paths of life crossed: A reason for Johanna and Ernst Sauber of BüllsPort to look back and to remember their "fateful" encounter in April 1989. You can call it fateful also because today's BüllsPort Lodge & Farm would not...

Lodge instead of Guest Farm

Enlarged, newly decorated rooms. Improved Wi-Fi. 220 volt electricity without a rattling diesel generator. Guests have been experiencing the farm atmosphere at BüllSport for a long time in lodge comfort. This is more than enough reason for a change of name: Since the...

25 Years of Guest Business

BüllsPort celebrates a round anniversary this month: In April 1993, thus a quarter of a century ago, the young farmer couple Johanna and Ernst Sauber opened the guest business. The impetus for this step has been given by years of drought - and, strange as it may...

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