Great joy at BüllsPort: The horse “family” has had offspring. Mare Miss Marple and “co-mom” Johanna Sauber are happy about a very healthy colt. Guests of BüllsPort are also charmed. Especially children react enthusiastically as soon as they catch sight of the foal…

The offspring was not unexpected. The mare Miss Marple was very pregnant. On Wednesday, 30 November, everything went quite quickly. “The birth was textbook,” says breeder and co-mom Johanna Sauber. “The foal weighs about 70 kg and is healthy and propper.”

For the first ten days, mare and foal stay in the paddock near the guest and farm buildings, also to be protected from predators like hyena and leopard. On day eleven, Johanna allows them to go out for the first time. For half an hour, mother and son will explore the kamp (fenced pasture area) at the Tsondab Rivier (dry river).

Inspired by Agatha Christie
Johanna Sauber mare Miss Marple colt Monsieur Poirot Horse Riding BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

“Co-mom” Johanna Sauber is happy about the healthy colt Monsieur Poirot, which her mare Miss Marple gave birth to. Photo: Georg Erk

The foal’s father is the stallion Manitou. Like Miss Marple, he is a Namibian Warmblood Horse. Their names come from Johanna Sauber: “I devoured Karl May’s books as a child. As is customary in Hanoverian breeding, the colt’s name has to start with the same letter as his sire’s name. His name was Moss Cable xx, where the xx stands for thoroughbred.”

And how did Miss Marple get her name? Had the young mare perhaps been as curious and clever as the aged private detective in Agatha Christie’s detective novel series? Johanna shakes her head with a smile. “No. I just needed a name with an ‘M’. Because her mother’s name was Musica.”

So the first letter of the name for the colt was fixed. This time Johanna did not find what she was looking for at Karl May. Instead, she turned again to Agatha Christie: Monsieur Poirot. Like mother, like son.

Colt Monsieur Poirot will be carefully trained

It goes without saying that Monsieur Poirot is currently the big star with the guests at BüllsPort. Especially with the younger guests. Of course, you don’t see him on rides at first. Before he carries a rider, he must be about four years old.

Until then, Monsieur Poirot, like all the horses at BüllsPort, is carefully trained by Johanna Sauber. And even after that, his service is carefully measured out until he is fully grown. So that he finally reacts completely calmly to strange riders and Johanna can also entrust him with someone who has never ridden before. This is top priority for riding at BüllsPort: It should always be a pleasure for everyone involved – for riders and horses.

Mare Miss Marple colt Monsieur Poirot Horse Riding BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

Mare Miss Marple with her colt Monsieur Poirot on the paddock near the lodge and farm buildings. Photo: Pia Fritz

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