Namibia is wooing holidaymakers with plenty of time on their hands and online creators with mobile offices in their laptops. There is a new visa that is valid for six months – instead of three months like the usual visa for holidaymakers. BüllsPort is ideal for longer stays: It offers many experiences and very good internet…

One can apply for the so-called Digital Nomad Visa at the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB). Required are:
• proof of an income or funds of 2,000 US dollars per month; for a spouse travelling with you, an additional 1,000 US dollars and per child an additional 500 US dollars per month must be shown;
• health or travel insurance covering risks during the stay in Namibia.

Apply for a visa online

The application form can be downloaded as a PDF document from the website of the NIPDB. You fill it out, scan it and mail it to the authority with the required documents.

The Digital Nomad Visa is issued upon arrival in Namibia. The fee is N$ 1,100 (current amount in euros here). It entitles the holder to live, travel and work in Namibia for six months. However, the latter only applies if it is a foreign employer. Of course, the visa is also ideal for wealthy pensioners and other people without work obligations.

BüllsPort offers many experiences and good internet

Namibia advertises more than 300 sunny days a year, good internet and comparatively cheap living costs. Hotels and lodges offer reduced rates if you stay longer – especially in the low season January to June.

BüllsPort also grants special rates for longer stays on request. Situated only 230 km south of Windhoek and accessible by good roads, BüllsPort impresses with many experience offers and a very good internet connection – even in the room.

Six-month visa Digital Nomads NIPDB BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

Office on the lodge terrace in Namibia’s nature. The photo adorns the NIPDB’s flyer on the new six-month visa for “digital nomads”. Source: NIPDB



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