Around 40 guests. Lounge and dining room transformed into a conference room. Morning and afternoon discussions on topics such as cattle theft or the state of the roads. No “business as usual” last weekend at BüllsPort. Because the Farmers’ Day of the Maltahöhe Farmers’ Association took place here…

About 40 members of the farmers’ association met at BüllsPort Lodge & Farm for their quarterly general meeting. Topics such as safety on farms were discussed. Especially around Maltahöhe, livestock theft is a problem. The farmers’ association is always in close contact with the police through a responsible member.

The same applies to another standard issue: the condition of the gravel roads. The farmers’ association collects reports from its members, for example on sections of the road that urgently need to be graded, repaired or renewed. These reports are forwarded to the Road Traffic Authority and followed up as required.

Namibia’s largest farmers’ association turns 75

In addition to the quarterly meeting, the annual general meeting was held. With a statement of accounts and election of the board. Ernst Sauber from BüllsPort was elected secretary and treasurer.

This dual responsibility is likely to require a greater investment of time, especially in the coming year, as Maltahöhe Farmers’ Association will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Incidentally, it is the largest farmers’ association in Namibia in terms of area, due to the size of the Maltahöhe district.

The farmers’ day ended with a nice evening with braai (barbecue), live music and dancing.

Peace returns to BüllsPort Lodge

Namibia holidaymakers did not notice the hustle and bustle at BüllsPort. The lodge was “blocked” long in advance especially for the Farmer’s Day. All twelve rooms were reserved for the participants. Some farmers also stayed at the campsite.

On Monday, the usual calm prevailed at BüllsPort again. With Namibia holidaymakers who, after their arrival, explored nature in the afternoon on one of the many hiking trails. And in the evening, after their sundowner, enjoyed a cosy dinner on the lodge terrace…

Farmers' Day Annual Meeting Farmers' Association Maltahöhe Farm BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

Farmers of the region instead of holidaymakers from abroad as guests at BüllsPort: Convivial evening at the end of the Farmers’ Day of the Maltahöhe Farmers’ Association. Photo: Private

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