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Private nature reserve in the Naukluft Mountains in the southern centre of Namibia

Not quite as large as Barcelona (101.9 km²), but slightly larger than The Hague (98.13 km²): The area of BüllsPort Lodge & Farm is 99.34 km². Just over half is agricultural land in the plains at the foot of the Naukluft Mountains. The remainder lies in the mountains, the realm of the quiver trees and mountain zebra, and is the private nature reserve of BüllsPort.
Map Nature Reserve BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia
The BüllsPort farm (99.34 km²) with nature reserve (a good 43.4 km²) and farmland (just under 56 km²) for sheep. Map: BüllsPort Lodge & Farm (Source: Google Earth)

The mountains for the game, the plains for the livestock. This has been the basic principle of BüllsPort Lodge & Farm for decades. So that agriculture can co-finance nature conservation. This is because the contribution from the tourism activities is not enough to cover the costs.

BüllsPort has deliberately limited the number of rooms and campsites and runs the business as environmentally friendly as possible. On the 14 paths through the private nature reserve, hikers and horse riders leave nothing but their footprints or hoofprints. It is no accident that BüllsPort Lodge & Farm has received 5 out of 5 ‘desert flowers’ from the official eco label Eco Awards Namibia.

Game management for the conservation of biodiversity

Conservation repair fence Naukluft Mountains BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Namibia
The fences must be constantly checked and maintained, as here by employee Dawid Hanse. Photo: Georg Erk
The cost of nature conservation is high. Nature cannot be left to its own devices in nature reserves. Constant game management is necessary to preserve biodiversity and prevent overgrazing, which would cause lasting damage to the flora. At BüllsPort, the condition of game and plants is regularly checked on patrols.

Three boreholes have been drilled in the uplands so that the game does not have to rely solely on the springs and watercourses in the gorges. This means that the area is grazed more evenly. The wind turbine and solar pumps have to be checked regularly and repaired from time to time. The same applies to around 20 kilometres of external fencing, which runs through terrain that is difficult to access.

The fence is often damaged, especially at the border to the Naukluft Mountain Zebra National Park (part of the Namib Naukluft Park) – mostly by mountain zebras. No wonder: There are an estimated 4,000 zebras in the park. That is twice the upper limit of 2,000 animals that experts have set based on the carrying capacity of the land.

In search of food, the mountain zebras push into the private nature reserve of BüllsPort – and from there down into the plains intended for sheep. Nature is thus threatening the very source of income that helps finance its protection. And especially in times of drought, when grazing must be strictly rationed through carefully planned utilisation of the ‘kamps’ (fenced areas for grazing).

Guests enjoy the NAUkLuFT and help with nature conservation

Hospitality and nature conservation are inextricably linked to each other on BüllsPort Lodge & Farm – to our mutual benefit. Guests can enjoy the unique nature of the NAUkLuFT on foot and on horseback. At the same time, they contribute to its preservation with their stay.

Nature lovers can also support the protection of the mountain world of the NAUkLuFT on BüllsPort from afar – with an unusual sponsorship.You can find out more about this on the ‘My Quiver Tree’ initiative page ‘My Quiver Tree’.

My Quiver Tree - Peter Gottke BuellsPort Naukluft
Nature conservation from afar: quiver tree sponsorship.Some sponsors don’t miss the opportunity to visit the site to see how their sponsored tree is doing. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

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