Adventures in the NAUkLuFT

On foot? On horseback? Or by four-wheel drive? Choose how you prefer to explore the Naukluft Mountains.

Our tip: Stay at least two nights to have enough time and leisure for your adventures in the NAUkLuFT.

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From a relaxed walk to a challenging hike, pick between 14 different routes and trails, all laid out on our detailed map.

Quiver Tree Gorge Trail

Only possible in the mornings, fitness and surefootedness required
Pure self-hiking (free): 7 h
Through valleys and on slopes up to the barren plateau and down through the lush green, water-rich gorge: An absolute must for every hiking enthusiast who wants to experience all the charms of the NAUkLuFT. With a bit of luck, you will encounter baboons, kudus or even mountain zebras, which occur almost exclusively in Namibia.
Tour & self-hiking (see price list for rate): 5 h
Adventurous ride with our off-road game viewer to the drop-off point on the plateau (90 min), hike down the slopes and through the quiver tree gorge to the pick-up point (3 h), ride back to lodge (30 min).
More info & map (PDF)

Rock Arch Trail

Self-hike only possible in the mornings, guided tour only in the afternoons. Surefootedness required; not for those suffering from vertigo
Self-hiking (free): 4.5 h
Driving to the starting point in your own car (15 min.), hiking on your own on the edge of the Teufelsschlucht (Devil’s Gorge) up to the mighty Bogenfels (rock arch) of the NAUkLuFT and back (4 h).
Tour with driver/guide (see price list for rate): 3.5 h
Adventurous 4×4 ride in our game viewer (1 h), hike to the rock arch (1.5 h) and ride back to the lodge (1 h).

Bull's Head Trail
Possible in the mornings and in the afternoons, easy trail
Time required: 3 h
From the reservoir along the dry river to the “Bullenkopf” (Bull’s Head) cliff top, the ideal route to stretch your legs and to get an overview of BüllsPort.
Archeological Trail

Possible in the mornings and in the afternoons, long trail requires surefootedness
Long trail: 4.5 h / Short trail: 2.5 h
In the footsteps of our ancestors: Hike to places that man has used since time immemorial as camps, workshops and lookout points for hunting.

Trail up to the "Alm" (alp)
possible in the mornings and in the afternoons, easy, but very steep in patches
Time required: 2 h
A view to the end of the world: Winding roads up to the mighty massif, which provides cattle with emergency pastures during dry seasons.
Kudu Trail

Possible in the mornings and in the afternoons, easy trail
Long trail: 1.5 h / Short trail: 45 min
Walk along the banks of the dry Tsondab: Inhale the vastness of the open plains in the realm of birds and game.

Zebra Trail / Ridge Trail

Possible in the mornings and in the afternoons, somewhat rocky in places
Time required: 3 h / 1.5 h
Between mountain massif and plain: From the hills at the foot of the NAUkLuFT, you’ll have a view of far-off horizons and maybe the luck to see birds and game.

Olive Trail / Waterkloof Trail

In the neighbouring Namib Naukluft Park (21 km drive in your own car to the park office; park fees to be paid), only possible in the mornings; fitness, surefootedness and a bit of courage required
Time required: 4.5 h / 7 h
All the “highs and lows” of the NAUkLuFT: Similar to the Quiver Tree Gorge Trail, both routes (11 km / 17 km) will take you up to the plateau of the massif and down again through gorges. In places you have to climb or use chains to move forward on narrow rock ledges.

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Horse Riding

From riding lessons (30 min) and rides for beginners (45 min) to more demanding rides for advanced riders (45 min to 8 h): At BüllsPort every horse enthusiast will get his money’s worth. All our horses are well trained, comfortable to ride and come with equipment and a trained riding guide.
Please note: In line with international standards, a maximum weight of 90 kg per rider applies. Kindly book all rides in advance, as the horses often graze in the veld.

Riding Lessons

30 min.
Seeing as you’re already on a farm with horses, why not take the opportunity to experience the sense of unity between humans and animals?

Horse Ride for Beginners

45 min.
On the ride along the Ridge Trail, enjoy the view over the farm from the wide plain and with a little luck you might spot some kudus or baboons.

Evening Ride
1.5 h
Roundtrip ride till sunset, along the dry river and through a riparian forest, where birds and game prepare for nightfall.
Sunrise Ride

2 – 2.5 h
Experience the awakening of nature on horseback: We saddle up in the dark. Twittering birds and beaming mountains greet the rising sun.

Büllsport Discovery Ride

8 h
Trotting along the foot of the Naukluft Mountains, galloping across wide plains… Be it a social weavers’ nest or a herd of springbok – there is always something to discover on this ride.

NAUkLuFT Safari

4 – 5 h; difficult and rocky terrain, technically challenging on horse and rider, head for heights required
On zebra crossings up to the plateau of the NAUkLuFT: Enjoy the views and look out for mountain zebra and klipspringer.

BüllsPort-Naukluft Challenge

only available in June, advance booking required: 2 days / 1 night, difficult terrain
Explore nature in the most natural way: Riding from the valley up into the Naukluft Mountains, eating at a campfire and sleeping in a tent.

Horse Carriage Ride

Enjoy nature in a laid-back way and with a touch of nostalgia. The tour takes around 45 minutes, leading through riparian forests of acacia trees and across sparsely covered, bushy plains at the foot of the Naukluft Mountains. Maximum of four people. Flexible departure times. Booking required at least half a day in advance.

Farm Drive

Experience real farm hospitality at BüllsPort, where Johanna and Ernst Sauber breed sheep and keep horses and game, in addition to running the guest business. Get first hand insight into the daily challenges of sustainable farming – in an area near the Namib Desert where average rainfall is not more than 120 mm a year.

4×4 Trails

Conquering the NAUkLuFT on four wheels: This is also possible on the 100 km² area that makes up BüllsPort. On paths that can be steep, narrow and rocky, put your four-wheel driving skills to a challenging test…

Excursion: Nabasib Primary School

(self-drive, 15 km on the C 14)

Get familiar with everyday life at a rural Namibian school and encounter the culture of the local people. On an excursion to the Nabasib Primary School, you will be enchanted by the songs of the school choir and experience traditional dance of the Nama in authentic costumes, handmade by the students in sewing class.
Not available during school holidays. Booking well in advance essential.

Day trip to Sossusvlei

Circuite the Naukluft Mountains (self-drive, 353 km): Start in the morning, drive through the Tsauchab Valley (D 854) and cross the plains of the eastern edge of the Namib to Sesriem (110 km; park fees). Have your lunch break in the shade of Sesriem Canyon and explore Sossusvlei in the afternoon to avoid the crowds (there and back 120 km). In the evening, on your drive back, enjoy the colourful play of the setting sun through the Naukluft Gorge (C 14; 123 km).

Tips for your Trip to BüllsPort

Turn the journey into the destination. From Windhoek there are two attractive routes to get to Büllsport.

Route of Landscapes via C26, D1265, 1261 and 1275 (285 km gravel road): Take in the typical African bush savannah of the Khomas Highlands; the magnificent view of the Spreetshoogte Pass on the Great Escarpment; the barren savannah of the eastern Namib Desert; and the winding Tsondab Valley in the Naukluft Mountains.

Route of History via B1 and C24/MR 47 (90 km tar and 145 km gravel road): Stop in Rehoboth to visit the local museum, featuring the history of the Baster people, and a short distance out of town, visit the memorial at Sam Khubis that reminds of the battle between the Basters and Germans in 1915.
Rehoboth Museum

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