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A pleasure for both rider and horse: Riding in the NAUkLuFT in the southern centre of Namibia

The horses on BüllsPort Lodge & Farm are not just farm animals, but belong to our extended family. Each of our horses has its own character, its likes and dislikes, its own life story. See more about this below
Horse mare Miss Marple Fohlen Monsieur Poirot Pferdezucht Johanna Sauber BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia

We understand riding as part of a mutual relationship between (wo)man and horse, based on mutual consent. We do everything to ensure that rider and horse enjoy their ride equally.

On BüllsPort Lodge & Farm every horse enthusiast will have a unique experieence: Whether riding lessons, rides for beginners (45 min.) or more demanding rides for advanced to experienced riders (45 min. to 8 hours). The horses are well schooled, sure-footed and comfortable to ride. Equipment for the riders is provided and all rides are led by a skilled riding guide.

Please note: As is customary internationally, the maximum weight for riders is 90 kg in consideration of the horses’ well-being. As the horses often graze in the Veld, it is advisable to book the rides in advance.

Horse Ride for Beginners:

Horse rider vastness nature plains BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia

Riding Lessons

Time – Morning and afternoon. 30 min.
Difficulty – No experience required.

Seeing as you’re already on a farm with horses, why not take the opportunity to experience the sense of unity between humans and animals?

Horse Ride for Beginners

Time – Morning and afternoon. 45 min.
Difficulty – No experience required.

On the ride along the Ridge Trail, enjoy the view over the farm from the wide plain and with a little luck you might spot some kudus or baboons.

Relaxed riding:

Horses rider riparian forest acacia BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia

Evening Ride

Time – Late afternoon. 1.5 hours
Difficulty – Adapted to the rider’s ability and fitness.

Roundtrip ride till sunset, along the dry river and through a riparian forest, where birds and game prepare for nightfall.

Sunrise Ride

Time – Morning. 2 – 2.5 hours
Difficulty – Adapted to the rider’s ability and fitness.

Experience the awakening of nature on horseback: We saddle up in the dark. Twittering birds and beaming mountains greet the rising sun.

Advanced riding:

Horses rider slope bush mountains BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia

Büllsport Discovery Ride

Time – Morning. 8 hours
Difficulty – Moderately difficult terrain, horse and rider are challenged.

Trotting along the foot of the Naukluft Mountains, cantering across wide plains… Be it a social weavers’ nest or a herd of springbok – there is always something to discover on this ride.

NAUkLuFT Safari

Time – Morning. 4 – 5 hours
Difficulty – Difficult and rocky terrain, technically challenging on horse and rider, head for heights required.

On zebra crossings up to the plateau of the NAUkLuFT: Enjoy the views and look out for mountain zebra and klipspringer.

Horses as part of the family

Horse black gelding Editor's Choice mountains BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia
BüllsPort would not be BüllsPort without its horse breeding and riding programme. Anyone who sees Johanna Sauber with her horses immediately realises that there is a very special relationship. Based on understanding and trust.

She can tell anecdotes about each of her 20 horses. Like the one about Big Red: “Once he came up to me very slowly, with his head down, and scratched the ground with his hoof. When I looked, I saw that the shoe was missing. His attitude spoke volumes: ‘Again. Very annoying, I know. I’m sorry.’ Then he poked me gently with his nose. Turned round, took a few steps, looked back at me. Okay, he wanted me to come with him. So I followed him until he finally stopped. He scratched the ground with his hoof again. And what did I see? The lost horseshoe!”

Horse stallion Big Red horseshoe Johanna Sauber BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia

Whether Big Red, Manitou or Miss Marple: each of the horses has its own character, its likes and dislikes, its own life story. And is therefore not really a farm animal, but a member of the extended family.

Almost all of the horses come from BüllsPort’s own breeding programme. “High-quality warmblood horses that I raise myself,” says Johanna. “They can move freely within the Kamps (pasture areas of the farm separated by a fence) and forage for themselves. Of course, we provide them with minerals and give them hay as supplementary feed in times of drought.”

Care and health care are important. Hoof care by a farrier, checking for internal and external parasites and vaccinations. Not forgetting an examination by a specialised equine vet every six months. Including the teeth.

Only ready to ride with guests at the age of four

Horse mare Miss Marple foal colt Monsieur Poirot BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia
Training is part of the rearing process. “At the age of two and a half, we familiarise the horse with the bridle, saddle and rider,” explains Johanna. This familiarisation takes about six weeks. “Then I let the young horse out into the field for another ten to twelve months, where it can romp around to its heart’s content. Only when it is three and a half years old do I start regular riding work.”

But even this is done in doses, as the horse is not yet fully grown. “There are always growth spurts that make riding more difficult for horse and rider. Then it is advisable to take breaks.” From the age of around four, the young horse is ready for its first ride. It is considered fully grown at the age of seven.

Horses plains montains BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia
The careful rearing and training emphasise the horse and riding philosophy at BüllsPort Lodge & Farm. “We see riding as part of a two-way relationship between man and horse, based on mutual consent,” explains Johanna. “We do everything we can to ensure that both parties, rider and horse, enjoy their ride equally.”

This starts with safety and health for rider and horse. It includes the obligation to wear a helmet, the minimum age of six years for children and the maximum weight for riders of 90 kilograms. Each ride is customised according to the rider’s level of experience. Because all the horses have a calm nature and are ridden regularly, even beginners can go on (short) rides.

Johanna particularly enjoys watching how children interact with the horses. Whether they just sit on them and stroke them (children up to the age of six) or ride them at a walk, with the guide leading their horse by the halter rope (children aged six to nine). An intensive experience of nature that leaves a lasting impression.

Horses rider riparian forest windmill BüllsPort Lodge & Farm Naukluft Namibia

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