For years, the travel industry has been talking about its customers’ desire to slow down on holiday. Nowadays this is called ‘slow travel’. BüllsPort has been advising this for decades: Stay several nights, if possible, to experience the mountain world of the NAUkLuFT intensively. Those who follow this advice will now be doubly rewarded…

With its new prices from November this year, BüllsPort Lodge & Farm offers three special rates to those who want to slow down (detailed information and prices here). The more ‘decelerated’ the stay, the lower the price per night.

The 2-night special, so far only valid in the ‘low season’ from November to June, will then run all year round. Compared to the normal price, it offers a saving of around 20 per cent per night.

New or better: back in the programme is the 3-night special, which reduces the price per night by 30 percent. This special offer is also valid throughout the year.

With the 6-night special, even 35 percent of the price per night can be saved for a stay starting next November. This offer is also year-round. The impetus for this was the 6-month visa that Namibia introduced last October – for ‘digital nomads’ and long-term holidaymakers (see news from October 2022).

Cheaper price, more intense experience
Hiking Quiver Tree Gorge Kolk Bathing Slowing down Nature Slow Travel BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

‘Refueling’ in nature without time pressure: Cooling bath on the hike through the Quiver Tree Gorge. Photo: Marleen Baumann

And where is the ‘double’ reward? – You get it during your stay. More time to experience the NAUkLuFT, at a lower price.

BüllsPort Lodge & Farm has a whole range of activities (see Fact Sheet 2023/24):
• An adventurous drive along the edge of the Devil’s Gorge with a hike to the arched rock of the NAUkLuFT.
• 14 well-marked hiking trails for self-exploration of the mountain world.
• Various delightful horse rides for beginners and advanced riders.
• A tour of the horse and sheep farm on the edge of the desert.
• Not to forget the ‘Give & Take’ excursion to the ǂNabasib Primary School with an insight into the daily life of a school and a cultural demonstration by the pupils.

Unfortunately, BüllsPort always has ‘un-decelerated’ guests who, upon departure, regret that they did not plan one or even two more nights for their stay on BüllsPort.

Some holidaymakers, while planning at home, overestimate the amount of time they have at their disposal at the respective location. Two nights with an arrival in the evening and a departure in the morning means only one day for experiences.

horse riding nature slow travel BüllsPort NAUkLuFT Namibia

‘Decelerated’ through the nature of the NAUkLuFT: horseback riding at BüllsPort Lodge & Farm, especially slow for beginners. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

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