For decades, guests have helped BüllsPort to preserve the world of the quiver trees and mountain zebras in the Naukluft Mountains. Simply by visiting. Corona has stopped this help. Therefore, BüllsPort is now starting a campaign that allows for a visit and help from a distance…

From now on, Naukluft fans and nature lovers at home and abroad can actively help protect the flora and fauna of the Naukluft Mountains at BüllsPort Lodge & Farm – via internet. The “My Quiver Tree” campaign offers the opportunity to “adopt” a quiver tree.

How cool is that: You can visit BüllsPort via an interactive satellite map and choose their “sponsored child”. The map on the page of the campaign shows a section of the “Quiver Tree Gorge” with the positions of the trees. In the photo gallery you can view the portraits of the trees.

Three options to adopt a quiver tree

The adoption is valid for two years. There are three categories to choose from. With a donation of N$ 2,000 you become part of a community of adoptive parents for a stately tree, which symbolises the BüllsPort conservation team. If you donate N$ 5,000, you choose your own tree. With a donation of N$ 10,000 you can give your tree a name and on the label of the tree on the satellite map you get a link to your website or Facebook page.

As a thank you, all who adopted a quiver tree are entitled to a 25% discount on the price of their stay during the term of their sponsorship. And during a visit, of course, they will get the opportunity to hike through the Quiver Tree Gorge and “meet” their tree – for a selfie with their “adoptive child”.

Corona only as impetus

BüllsPort has had the idea of asking nature lovers for support for a long time. The nature conservation work in the Naukluft mountains costs a lot of time, effort and money. The lodge, which was deliberately limited to 14 rooms, and the almost 56 km² farm area near the Namib Desert are actually too small to generate the necessary funds.

The farm division is suffering from the consequences of years of drought, the lodge is hit hard by the Corona crisis since March 2020. Both divisions are not at risk, but cannot continue to protect nature. So Corona gave the final impetus for the “My Quiver Tree” campaign. But even in the time after Corona, the campaign shall continue in order to ensure that nature conservation does not have to be limited to the bare essentials.

Campaign My Quiver Tree Adoption BüllsPort BuellsPort Naukluft Mountains

Visiting and protecting the world of quiver trees and mountain zebras in the Naukluft mountains at BüllsPort via the internet: This is made possible by the “My Quiver Tree” campaign.  Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

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