Namibia is the land of the dry riverbeds. These “riviere” only carry water for a short time, after sufficient rain has fallen in their catchment areas. By contrast, in the Naukluft, on the edge of the Namib Desert (!), small streams flow throughout the year. Why?

The upper layers of the Naukluft Mountains are made up of approximately 540 million years’ old dolomite. This rock contains lime, which is dissolved by the slightly acidic rainwater. If this process continues over long periods of time, passages and caves can develop. Geologists call this kind of erosion karstification.

In phases lasting millions of years, during which the Naukluft received much more precipitation than today, cavities have formed in the dolomite. They protect the water from evaporation, so that it can last for a long time. At various points, water emerges in the form of springs.

One example is the quiver tree gorge at BüllsPort, which guests can explore on a three-hour hike. High trees and dense bush, shady outcrops and a gurgling little brook that expands again and again to form broad and deep pools – the gorge is an elongated, paradisaical oasis for animals and humans.

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