The Robert Koch Institute giving the green light: Namibia is no longer a high-risk country. Meaning you don’t need to worry about having to go into quarantine on return. And there are also flights between Europe and Namibia again. A unique opportunity to experience Namibia as empty as never before…

Corona test before departure

From now on it is easy to travel to Namibia again. As in many countries, a negative PCR test is required. It must not be older than 72 hours – from the time of taking the specimen to the time of boarding the plane.

The requirement of an additional test on the fifth day of the trip has been withdrawn. However, travellers must have a travel insurance covering medical care and a possible extended stay. They should also be prepared to submit their travel itinerary and two health questionnaires.

Namibia set to Corona mode

At the same time, Namibia does not relax its efforts to fight against the corona virus. Despite the rapidly falling number of infections, the main Corona rules apply: Keep your distance, observe hygiene and wear a protective mask where necessary.

A few days ago, 15 experts from the Robert Koch Institute arrived to check the situation on site and to advise the Ministry of Health.

Car rental companies, tour operators and accommodations have taken extensive measures to protect their guests and their employees from infection. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) granted Namibia its “Safe Travel Stamp” months ago.

BüllsPort certified

Important in advance for booking: Vacationers should stay in accommodations that have been inspected by the Ministry of Health for their Corona measures and have received a certificate.

BüllsPort Lodge & Farm received its certificate mid-September. The BüllsPort team has been practicing the special hygiene and distance measures since May. At that time, Namibians were allowed to travel within their country again after a lockdown of several weeks.

Have the Naukluft mountains all to yourself

There are additional regulations to be observed when returning home. In Europe, Namibia is no longer considered a high-risk country. This means that holidaymakers no longer have to worry about having to go into quarantine when they return from Namibia.

For some, that’s a reason to get on the plane now. Flights to Namibia are offered by Eurowings and Ethiopean Airlines.

Another reason would be that there are hardly any holidaymakers in Namibia at the moment. You will probably never have the Etosha Park, the Namib Dunes and of course the Naukluft Mountains as much to yourself as it is the case now…

hiker plateau quiver tree view naukluft mountains büllsport

Experience the Naukluft Mountains. They offer enough space for social distancing 😉 Photo: BüllsPort Lodge & Farm

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