Hiking. Mountain biking. Horse riding. In the mountains. With these offers of experiences BüllsPort is perfectly in line with a trend among German Namibia travellers, as it turned out at the travel fair CMT in Stuttgart. The Naukluft thrilled German operators also in other ways.

BüllsPort Lodge & Farm participated in the Caravan Motor Touristik (CMT) consumer travel fair for the first time. Not with a stand, but with a PowerPoint presentation. Marketing representative Sven-Eric Stender visited the stands of German tour operators who offer trips to Namibia. He introduced the Naukluft Mountains to them.

Tour operator Karawane CMT Stuttgart Wandern Reiten BüllsPort Naukluft Mountains

With its hiking and riding experiences in the Naukluft Mountains, BüllsPort is perfectly in line with a trend among German Namibia travellers: This was also confirmed by German operator Karawane during the CMT in Stuttgart. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

From a walk to a day hike

The Namibia specialists were particularly interested in the 14 hiking trails to explore on your own. BüllsPort has everything to offer, from a 45-minute walk to a day-long, demanding hike. Many were surprised by the photos from the Quiver Tree Gorge: Even in the dry season, there is a stream flowing and feeding rock pools with crystal-clear water. The mighty rock arch (“Bogenfels”) of the Naukluft, another attraction of the hiking paradise on BüllsPort, was also unknown to most operators who offer Namibia trips.

The BüllsPort stud, known for its award-winning horses, was noted under the keyword “family” – as highlight of the Namibia roundtrip for the horse-loving wife or daughter. Well-trained horses make it possible even for beginners to go on easy horseback rides. Advanced riders can enjoy the unforgettable experience of exploring the Naukluft Mountains on horseback.

Naukluft as a contrast to Sossusvlei

At this point of the presentation, one or two of the travel experts pulled out a Namibia map. They realised that BüllsPort fits very well into a round trip. Three hours by car from Windhoek, it is an excellent first or last stop (see sketch of directions). With its mountain world of the Naukluft, it also offers a charming contrast to the sand sea of the Namib at Sossusvlei, which is less than a two-hour drive away.

The CMT in Stuttgart is the most important consumer fair for travel and leisure. The organisers rejoiced over a new record of 300,000 visitors. Namibia was able to cheer, too: The tour operators with Namibia trips on offer recorded brisk demand.

Tour operator Taruk CMT Stuttgart Offers of Experiences BüllsPort Naukluft Mountains

One of the tour operators at the CMT who is thrilled with the offers of experiences on BüllsPort and the Naukluft: Taruk. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

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