Five days (four nights) at the same place, on a round trip through Namibia? But that would mean there is not enough time left for all the other must-see attractions?! – In the contrary: Finally you do have the time without which you will not experience the main attraction Namibia has to offer…

Not only at BüllsPort you hear guests again and again complain on their departure: “Oh, why couldn’t we just stay here another night.” An expression of their realisation, that they should have rather foregone one or the other attraction when they planned their round trip.

Deafening Quietness

Less is more? Correct – and yet not quite correct. Because in the case of Namibia, the rule even reads “less is everything”. When you rush from attraction to attraction, as a matter of fact, you drive by the main attraction of Namibia. This attraction is not linked to a place, but to time.

And to yourself: You have to take your time, literally and figuratively. For walking or hiking in barely touched nature. For the deafening quietness. For the view to the end of the world. Only then, without time pressure, without looking at the clock, will nature, quietness and view turn into an experience touching you at heart and bringing about a calm that you will hardly find anymore in everyday life.

Namibia’s main attraction at a special Rate

This experience is offered by BüllsPort Lodge & Farm – by a total package comprising four nights stay, lunch and activities, at a special rate more than 30 percent below the normal price.

The package includes five activities:
• a hike through the Quiver Tree Gorge, including drive onto the Naukluft plateau and pick up at the end of the gorge,
• a guided hike to the massive rock arch of the “Bogenfels” (see video clip),
• a farm drive (“farming on the edge of the desert”),
• a ride on well-trained horses (also possible for beginners)
• and a carriage ride through the riparian forest at the dry riverbed of the Tsondab.
For more please check our activities.

Namibia in the low Season

The special rate is valid from January 1 to June 30, which is the low season. It provides an incentive to shift your trip to Namibia to a time when roads are less busy and lodges are less booked. At the same time, BüllsPort’s campaign “Namibia’s main attraction at a special rate” is a contribution to reducing the peaks of the high season. This would allow all Namibia fans to enjoy their round trip even more – throughout the year.

Rider Kudu Trail Riparian forest dry riverbed Tsauchab BüllsPort Namibia's main attraction

Riders on the Kudu Trail in the acacia riparian forest at the dry riverbed of the Tsauchab at the feet of the Naukluft mountains at BüllsPort. Photo: Marleen Baumann

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