Don’t just relax and enjoy. Many holidaymakers also want to make a meaningful contribution during their stay in their host country, be it to preserve nature or to help people. A primary school that invites guests of BüllsPort to a special experience is also happy about this trend.

The ‘Give & Take’ excursion to the nearby primary school ǂNabasib is increasingly requested when booking a stay at BüllsPort Lodge & Farm. Some of of those who book this activity have stumbled upon this excursion in the ‘Experiences’ section, others have read the feature in the news section.

The visit to the school is seen as a welcome opportunity to experience a bit of everyday life in Namibia in addition to nature. The fact that one does not actually donate at the end, but pays for the guided tour offered at the primary school through the cultural performance of the pupils, is also well received. By the way, the payment is made directly and not via BüllsPort.

Two guests who booked the excursion also mentioned the intention to contribute to the compensation of the long-distance flight. Nature and people in distant developing countries should not be forgotten despite all climate awareness, guests also said on site. In fact, nature conservation and sustainable development in rural areas of Namibia are largely dependent on income from tourism.

Experiencing everyday life in Namibia – at school ǂNabasib
Teacher Augustinus Ortmann Give & Take excursion Nabasib Primary School BüllsPort Naukluft Namibia

Teacher Augustinus Ortmann explains the teaching process to guests of BüllsPort Lodge & Farm on a tour of the ǂNabasib Primary School. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

The excursion only takes place on weekdays and outside holidays. In order for teachers and students to be able to prepare, BüllsPort needs to be notified well in advance. It is therefore advisable to indicate the excursion to ǂNabasib as a desired activity when booking your stay.

Guests drive in their own car to the ǂNabasib primary school, about 15 km away. There, a teacher welcomes them, guides them through the school and describes everyday school life. In the classrooms, they get a good impression of the lessons and the teaching materials.

The tour is only possible in the afternoon, outside of school hours. At that time, the pupils stay in the dormitory, which is about four hundred metres away.

At the end, a small cultural performance awaits the guests. A group of pupils presents traditional songs and dances of the Owambo, Baster and Nama, which they have rehearsed under the guidance of dedicated teachers. This also contributes to cultivating the culture of the different ethnic groups together and across the board.

Culture Nama traditional Dance Give & Take excursion Nabasib Primary School BüllsPort Naukluft Namibia

The cultural group of the ǂNabasib primary school presents a traditional Nama dance. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender

The ‘price’ for the approximately two-hour ‘tour’ is determined by the guests themselves. BüllsPort recommends an amount of N$ 300 per person as a guideline, which is best given to the lead teacher in an envelope. The money is used to buy additional teaching materials. Unfortunately, the government funds for government schools are limited and are only enough for the bare necessities.

Those who would like to support the ǂNabasib Primary School more strongly can do so with a donation to the Naukluft Foundation.

The foundation was established in 2005 by BüllsPort and the Ababis Guest Farm to fund major projects for the school. One example is the borehole for the water supply (March 2022).

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