What makes the Naukluft a must for every tour through Namibia’s south? Why is BüllsPort a paradise for hikers and riders? Is there a room or campsite available on your preferred days? Answers to these and other questions can be found on the new BüllsPort website.

Photos displayed at full screen width take the eye into the fascinating mountainous landscape of the Naukluft at BüllsPort. Short texts tell stories beyond the pictures. The so-called “responsive design” ensures an optimal appearance and usability of the website, regardless of whether it is accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Well-arranged, it offers interesting information on the geology, flora and fauna of the Naukluft Mountains and offers a brief overview of the area’s eventful history. In addition, the visitor learns what he can experience at BüllsPort, such as 14 hiking trails (of which there is an overview map to download), various horse riding tours, a coach tour, a farm drive and trails for mountain bikes and four-wheel drives. The news section informs about interesting updates and information about BüllsPort and the Naukluft.

Click on “Accommodation” to find photos of, information about and prices of rooms and campsites, while under “Contact” you can book and get to know the hosts and their two- and four-legged teams. In order to help you find your way, the website offers a map for downloading and printing. The map also gives tips for stopovers at interesting places along the journey, including a day trip to Sossusvlei with a circular route around the Naukluft.

With its new website, BüllsPort Lodge & Farm also has a new address on the web (www.buellsport-naukluft.com); in order to emphasise the main attraction of the area, the term Naukluft was added to the URL. When you enter the previous address (www.buellsport.com) you will be automatically redirected, of course. However, the email addresses remain the same. Thus, you can still contact the booking office at info@buellsport.com.

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