No relationship between man and creature could be more intense than that of rider and horse. Listen to each other, feel each other, become one in riding together. This unique experience, also for beginners, has been offered by BüllsPort for decades – and is now being refined in cooperation with an expert…

From horse training to horse therapy

This expert comes from Germany, her name is Sonja Schiermeyer. She is a horse trainer and therapist as well as a skilled osteopath for horses.

Meaning she can not only train riding horses in a variety of ways and give riding lessons, but also detect and treat sensitivities or injuries in horses – with special attention to the spine, which is particularly stressed when riding.

Further training in horse riding, training and therapy

With her extensive qualifications and experience, Sonja Schiermeyer trains the riding horses at BüllsPort even more intensively and individually. And thus further improves the riding experience. Because riding guests will find horses that react even more calmly and willingly “understand” the aids (signals) even of less experienced riders. Of course, Sonja also gives riding lessons.

Horse training Sonja Schiermeyer grey Carefilly pole work stud farm BüllsPort Naukluft

Horse trainer Sonja Schiermeyer with Carefilly from the BüllsPort stud farm doing pole work. Photo: Johanna Sauber

In addition, she provides advanced training: Andreas “Matam” Sitentu, who was already trained by Johanna Sauber in caring for horses, riding and guiding rides, learns a lot from her in the areas of horse training and therapy.

Passion for horses

Sonja Schiermeyer has been with BüllsPort since the beginning of January. What brings such a comprehensively trained and experienced horse expert from Germany to the Naukluft in the southern central of Namibia?

“I fell in love while on vacation in Namibia,” says the wiry young woman with bright green eyes. “Through my passion for horses, I got to know the horse breeder Johanna Sauber from BüllsPort. When I visited her and let her show me around the stud farm, the decision to work together was quickly made.”

Horse training Horse Therapy Sonja Schiermeyer grey Carefilly Stud farm BüllsPort Naukluft

Horse trainer and therapist Sonja Schiermeyer with Carefilly from the BüllsPort stud farm. Photo: Johanna Sauber

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