Naukluft Mountains Hiking & Riding

Naukluft Mountains Hiking & Riding

Naukluft Mountains Hiking & Riding

Welcome to BüllsPort

BüllsPort Lodge & Farm…

… is the ideal multi-day stopover at the beginning or end of your round trip through southern Namibia. When travelling from South Africa, it provides a peaceful break on the way to the Namibian coast.

Your experiences at Büllsport:

  • Hiking in the mountains, valleys and gorges of the Naukluft
  • Horse riding tours with a trained riding guide
  • Rock arch of the Naukluft
  • Wonderful world of plants and animals
  • Farm drive: Farming on the edge of the desert
  • 4×4 and Mountain Bike Trail
  • Day trip to Sossusvlei (self-drive)
Natural Paradise with History

The Naukluft – that’s “migrated” mountains, rippling streams during the dry season, an extraordinary variety of plants and animals as well as traces of dramatic events from the eventful past of Namibia…

Experiencing the Naukluft

Explore the Mountains on Foot

Whether high up on the plateau or along the dry riverbed – there are 14 hiking trails to choose from, ranging from a relaxed walk to a challenging day hike at BüllsPort or in the neighbouring Namib Naukluft National Park. Detailed maps and good road markings ensure your carefree hiking pleasure.

Conquering the Naukluft on Horseback

With a trained riding guide in the great outdoors: The mountains, valleys and gorges can also be explored on horseback, designed individually to your experience and riding ability. The horses are well trained, sure-footed and comfortable to ride. Interested in riding lessons? BüllsPort is ideal for that!

Experience Farm BüllsPort

How to farm on a 100 km² area near the Namib Desert, with an average of no more than 120 mm rain per year, falling in places, and only to be expected from January to April? A farm tour offers an exciting insight into a “desert farm” with cattle, horse and game breeding.


BüllsPort Lodge

Comfortable stay on the farm

14 spacious and attractively furnished rooms with air conditioning, fridge and small veranda. Enjoy the ambience of a cattle and horse farm, where your hosts join you for dinner in the evening.

BüllsPort Campsites

Camping in the middle of the mountains

There are two campsites about 3 km from the lodge, located separately in a barely touched natural environment. Both sites offer a shaded roof, shower with hot water, flush toilet and barbecue area.

News from the Naukluft

Namibia’s main Attraction at a special Rate

Namibia’s main Attraction at a special Rate

Five days (four nights) at the same place, on a round trip through Namibia? But that would mean there is not enough time left for all the other must-see attractions?! – In the contrary: Finally you do have the time without which you will not experience the main...

Experiencing the Bogenfels like a Bird

Experiencing the Bogenfels like a Bird

Adventurous guests always are thrilled about the Rock Arch ("Bogenfels") Trail at BüllsPort in the Naukluft mountains in the southern centre of Namibia, returning with countless photos. In September, a guest even made the tour twice. He got shots that – like the trail...

Mountains full of Oases

Mountains full of Oases

Namibia is the land of the dry riverbeds. These "riviere" only carry water for a short time, after sufficient rain has fallen in their catchment areas. By contrast, in the Naukluft, on the edge of the Namib Desert (!), small streams flow throughout the year. Why? The...

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